About Us

Print Republic is one of the leading manufacturers of indoor and outdoor branded products. All of our products are manufactured in our factory, which includes a fully-equipped metal workshop. This ensures we can guarantee all of our frames and pole-kits - because we make them, we stand behind them!

Our facilities also include a top-class graphic design studio. This enables us to help clients achieve the exact branding solutions they desire - particularly those who do not have their own graphic design resources. We offer this service free to all of our clients.

Our design and manufacturing facilities allow us to tackle extraordinary jobs that require thinking outside the box; from custom-made banners and frames, to branded windsocks and airplane-pulled flying banners. If it can be printed on fabric or PVC, we will be able to make it!


We pride ourselves on our excellent service!!

We are very proud of our reputation for exceptional service which incorporates the following...

 Our turnaround time is second to none with same-day service being achieved on a regular basis

 We are responsive to our clients needs and will do whatever it takes….literally! 

 A feature of our service is the hands-on management from our directors who are intimately involved in the day-to-day running of the business. 

 We are committed to quality and customer satisfaction and stand 100% behind our products. If something is not right 1st time we fix it and learn from this to prevent a recurrence.

 We provide value for money, so while we are not the cheapest, the combination of quality, price and service cannot be beaten. A small example… we do not charge for graphic design assistance. 

 We try to be innovative and assist our clients with turning an idea into reality. Having our own factory allows us the freedom to experiment with new developments.


Give us a CALL 087 1505 458     or EMAIL sales@printrepublic.co.za